Wyoming First Products - Proudly Made in Wyoming The Wyoming First Program promotes products proudly made by Wyoming companies. The program allows Wyoming businesses to use the Bucking Horse and Rider stickers and tags, notifies them of marketing opportunities, gives them an individual page on this web site, prints their business in the Wyoming Products Catalogue, makes them eligible for Trade Show Incentive Grants, gives them Wyoming First posters and more.


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Privacy and Usage

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Use and operation of the State of Wyoming web pages are governed by the laws of Wyoming. Information collected at the State of Wyoming web pages may be subject to disclosure under the public record laws of Wyoming including, but not limited to, Wyoming Statute §16-4-201 et seq.

The state does maintain logs of visits to and use of its web pages. The state uses this information only for statistical analysis in order to identify user preferences and make the sites more user friendly. No personal information is gleaned or used from the logs. The collected information is not used to identify individual users and internet service providers.

E-mail logs for incoming e-mail containing sender’s and receiver's identification and the date and time that the message was sent are also maintained. the e-mail log does contain the message sent.

The state also employs security measures which, in the event of any attempt at compromising the state's web pages and its support systems, are capable of identifying the offending individual user and the user's internet service provider. All efforts at breaching the security of the state web pages and its support systems will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation and prosecution.

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