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Miscellaneous Products

High Country Horse, LLC
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High Country Horse

Products include the book "Packing and Outfitting Field Manual Fifth Edition" and four "How to" booklets. In addition toauthoring, publishing and distributing the books, Oliver C. Hill teaches horse packing courses.

High Country Horse, LLC
Oliver (Ollie) C. Hill
330 Pahlow Lane
Laramie, WY 82070


COMING SOON! Arena skills and knowledge game for kids and their horses.

New, "Do It Yourself Plans for Deluxe Portable Camp Table." Shows plans, materials, measurements and instructions to build a camp table out of one sheet of plywood.

New, “Do It Yourself Plans on How to Completely Rig, Repair or Make Improvements on Crossbuck and DeakerPack Saddles.” The detailed plan shows tools, materials, measurements and how to build nine different pack saddles.

"Packing and Outfitting Field Manual, Fifth Edition.” This 116 page book will help horsemen learn how to pack horses and enjoy back country trails and adventures.There are many illustrations of hitches, knots and equipment. First aid, wilderness survival, weed free hay, staking and hobbling and many other topics are covered. The books are spiral bound and have a waterproof cover.

“Do It Yourself Plans to Build Rawhide Panniers.” A booklet with drawings, materials needed and instructions on how to build a set of rawhide panniers.

“Do It Yourself Plans to Build a Mini Pack Horse.” Has a foldout pattern, materials and instructions on how to put it together. Now you will be able to practice your hitches on this Mini Pack Horse.

Horse Packing Schools are also offered. Call for dates.

High Country Horse   High Country Horse

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