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Miscellaneous Products

Cliff Outdoors
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Cliff Outdoors is a family-owned business headquartered in Casper, Wyoming. Their specialty is the design and manufacture of unique and practical outdoor gear for the fly-fishing industry.

Cliff Outdoors
Matt Cassel
110 West 2nd Suite 210
Casper, WY 82601


As a company, Cliff Outdoors was built with a passion for quality, practicality, and value. From a small part-time business that was operated out of his garage, founder Matt Cassel has developed Cliff Outdoors into an industry leader within various segments of this highly specialized market. Today, Cliff Outdoors markets their products through a network of hundreds of fly shops located throughout the world. Cliff Outdoors’ customers include some of the most prestigious names in the fly-fishing industry.

A Wyoming native and proud UW alum, Matt Cassel learned to love the outdoors by chasing anything that could swim or fly on the North Platte river in Goshen County. With the success of Cliff Outdoors, that same passion continues today, just a little farther upstream.


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