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Norby Studio, Ltd.
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Norby Studio

Products include hand-thrown, porcelain pottery which is airbrush-glazed and has unique artwork. The pots are dishwasher and microwave safe, oven-proof and are safe for use with all foods.

Norby Studio, Ltd.
Thom and Kim Norby
P.O. Box 241
Beulah WY 82712


Each porcelain piece is hand-thrown on a potter's wheel by Kim and airbrush-glazed by Thom who draws all of the artwork for that process.  The pots are fired to over 2300 degrees F., are dishwasher-,microwave-, and oven-proof and are safe for use with all foods.

Thom and Kim Norby live and work in the Black Hills of eastern Wyoming near Sundance.  They have been making pottery full-time since 1986.  They live in canyon country that is home to whitetail and mule deer, elk, and mountain lions.  They frequently visit their cabin located in the heart of the Black Hills.  The cabin is situated at the base of Mt. Baldy which is home to mountain goats, deer and turkeys.  Nearby, in Custer State Park and the Black Elk wilderness, elk, bison, and bighorn sheep can easily be watched and photographed. 

Norby Studio   Norby Studio
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