Wyoming First Products - Proudly Made in Wyoming This page has items to spice up your home! The items in this page range from accessories; antler designs; artwork and photography; blankets, quilts and rugs; candles and potpourri; furniture and woodwork; glass; and pottery and ceramics. Click on the company name to find out more! Some companies are listed several times because they carry many kinds of home decor products.


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Heaven Scent Inspirationals, LLC
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Heaven Scent Inspirationals

Products include candles, Aroma Animals, dipped roses and air freshener bags

Heaven Scent Inspirationals, LLC
P.O. Box 177
Farson, WY 82932

Heaven Scent Inspirationals Aroma Animals and Aroma Roses are dipped in a special recipe of 100% fragrance oils and waxes. The bears come in many styles including: fisherman, pretty girl, baby, red hat society, hunter, freedom, rough riders, skier, wedding, cowboy and girl, and sports. Also choose from the Wildlife Safari or On the Farm Series which include: skunk, buffalo, moose, bear, tiger, monkey, elephant, giraffe, cow and frog. They are a wonderful room air freshener that lasts six months or longer.

Candles are offered in three sizes and are double wicked and lead-free. The 16 oz. burns 80 to 100 hours with an amazing scent throw. The Muslin Air Freshener Bags feature a mixture of ingredients and 100% fragrance oils. They’re wonderful for wherever a burst of freshness is needed.

Each item can be ordered in over 30 scents and feature an inspirational scripture.

Heaven Scent Inspirationals   Heaven Scent Inspirationals

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