Wyoming First Products - Proudly Made in Wyoming This page has delectable treats for you! Wyoming First Food Products range from beverages; confectionaries and cookies; honey products; produce; meats; mixes; spices; sauces and jellies; and snacks. Click on the company name to find out more. Some companies are listed several times because they carry many kinds of food products.


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Food Products

Raspberry deLight Farms
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Raspberry deLight Farms

Products include raising and selling raspberries; raspberry jam and raspberry/fruit combination jams; syrup, vinegar, topping, raspberry chipotle sauce and infused honey

Raspberry deLight Farms
Greg Jarvis
222 North Hidden Valley Road
Shoshoni, WY 82649


Raspberry deLight Farms was established in 1999. Their goal is to supply fresh fruit to the consumers of Central Wyoming. Their berries are hand-picked and sorted to make sure that they are of the highest quality, and each product is made by hand. Raspberry Delight does fresh market, pick your own and frozen raspberries. In addition, they make 13 processed raspberry products, which they sell individually or in gift boxes. They do gif boxes for any occasion, but especially for the Christmas season. They sell the product at the farm and in retail stores throughout Wyoming. Raspberry delight Farms has a retail and wholesale catalog available.

Raspberry deLight Farms   Raspberry deLight Farms

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