Wyoming First Products - Proudly Made in Wyoming This page has delectable treats for you! Wyoming First Food Products range from beverages; confectionaries and cookies; honey products; produce; meats; mixes; spices; sauces and jellies; and snacks. Click on the company name to find out more. Some companies are listed several times because they carry many kinds of food products.


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Food Products

Cheyenne Honey
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Products include a honey of a treat, with 14 flavors of Honey Stixs. A sweet idea for edible souvenirs!

Cheyenne Honey
Verena Booth
2040 Carl's Road
Cheyenne, WY 82009

"Bee" sure to look for the HONEY STIXS - honey in biodegradable straws and flavored with natural extracts such as blackberry, raspberry, mint, cinnamon, lemon, etc... Yum! Each package contains six different flavors, buy two and you will have 12 flavors! (Certified Kosher). Edible souvenirs, they pack easily into shirt pockets, lucnhes and gift baskets. They can be eaten as is, or used to flavor drinks, breakfast cereals, muffins and more. They are a quick energy treat to "keep one going." With these, there is no chocolate mess on hot days.

You can really taste the difference. Cheyenne Honey is known for its raw honey in various size containers, including gift jars. Thanks to our "bee-zy" honey bees we have been selling this natural sweetner in gift shops, convenience stores, bakeries, health and athletic facilities, schools and farmers' markets for 30 years.

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