Wyoming First Products - Proudly Made in Wyoming This page has fashion and personal care items for you! The items in this page range from accessories; clothing; jewelry and pins; and soaps and bath products. Click on the company name to find out more. Some companies are listed several times because they carry many kinds of fashion and personal care products.


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Fashion & Personal Care

E. T. Rocks 'N' Stuff
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E. T. Rocks 'N' Stuff

Products include one-of-a-kind items handcrafted from Wyoming stone. Agate, granite, jasper, Wyoming tiger iron, petrified wood and petrified palm are just a few examplesof the materials that are used to manufacture these unique items.

E. T. Rocks 'N' Stuff
Ed or Susan Thomas
#3 Kinnear Spur
PO Box 339
Kinnear, WY 82516
(307) 857-7308

Products include jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, broaches, belt buckles, bolo ties, tie pins/clips, hat pins and key chains. Other offerings include coasters, trivets, Jade bun warmers, book ends, wine glass charms, Christmas decorations, candle holders and pet rocks. Polished free-form cabs, suitable for wire wrapping, as well as polished nuggets and pendants with or without bell caps are available for those who prefer to make their own creations.


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